Which Star Trek TV Series Is The Best?

If you are Borg-curious you most likely want to know which Star Trek series would be the greatest? Well, that is a great question. I’ve been spinning around my mind trying to figure this out for the better part of 3 decades now. And I have a pretty good idea, I just need a little more input. So I went ahead and put together a list of the finest Trek shows .

The Original Series: Star Trek is the best Star Trek movie and the most well-known one. It took us almost thirty years to reach the conclusion of the first show, and while it started out gradually, it gradually picked up momentum and become one of the greatest franchises in science fiction. If you are Borg Curious, where in the galaxy should you begin with the Star Trek franchise? From that point you could certainly work your way through all of what Star Trek has to offer, whether an animated series, books, video games, or the classic movies. Or you could simply watch the original movies from start to end as many times as you’d like. For most fans, Star Trek is their first science fiction show.

The Next Generation: The Next Generation is the contemporary continuation of the Original Series, and is arguably the best Star Trek series of all time. While it didn’t quite have the impact on supporters of the Original Series that Deep Space Nine and Voyager had, it’d possess the most successful period of almost any Star Trek series, bar none. The Next Generation is probably most remembered for its favorite TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. The excellent thing about this series is that it was able to make use of some of their most memorable themes and actors from the Original Series. The Next Generation also introduced several new new characters, most especially Data, that had been an wonderful addition to the cast.

Deep Space Nine: This is the series that started it all. Deep Space Nine is the very first of the new movie’s franchise to be made following the success of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. And though the ratings for the show were a lot lower than those of The Original Series, they still managed to be one of the biggest surprises of time. Deep Space Nine follows the crew of the USS Enterprise as they research the many odd new planets beyond the galaxy. The most memorable part of this show is Captain Sisko, who is a deep-space scout. Many people have come to identify him as the man they saw in the films walking past the spaced vessels in Deck 8, just before leaving the boat.

The Original Series: The Original Series featured Several different alien races as Well as the United Federation of Planets. The most critical relationships built between characters on the show were the ones between the USS Enterprise, and the other three major team members, the Doctor, Number One, and Counselor Deanna Troi. It was this companionship that permitted for characters to develop and deliver depth to their relationships. Deep Space Nine also featured the first two seasons featuring the story about the Klingon Neutral Zone, which had the crew of the Enterprise travel into this area of space in order to fix an error of their ship.

The Next Generation: The Next Generation is presently in the middle of its second season. After being introduced throughout the opening event, many fans saw what could develop into a favorite spinoff series. The Next Generation featured the crew of the Enterprise encountering the Typhon wormhole and discovering a strange race of beings who had come from this region of space. The most significant connections to the series so far have been those between Worf, Riker, and Data, as they form the primary group of characters.

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